KAT-TUN Worldwide Travel U.S. Travel series : Pennsylvania

U.S. Travel series : Pennsylvania

Hello I'm Katherine Heretic and I'm from York Pennsylvania My part of Pennsylvania is known as South Central Pennsylvania and we're known for our history and manufacturing and farming and landscapes

So for history a very popular site is Gettysburg battlefield on one of the key battles of the Civil War was fought there people come from all around to see the various monuments and sites of the battle we're also known for manufacturing so companies from Hershey chocolate to harley-davidson motorcycles menufactory there and you can come and go on a factory tour and see exactly how different items are made finally we're known for our farming and landscapes to a big group of people from my part of Pennsylvania are the Amish people you can come and meet them learn about them they're known for their clean clothing for avoiding modern technology and they also make wonderful baked goods and clothes and furniture so I hope you'll come and see us in York Pennsylvania

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