KAT-TUN Worldwide Travel U.S. Travel series : Illinois

U.S. Travel series : Illinois

Hi my name is Traci Mell and I'm an Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer here at the US Embassy in New Delhi I'm originally from a small town called Granite City which is located in the southern part of the state of Illinois Illinois is known as the Land of Lincoln although he was not born in Illinois, Abraham Lincoln spent much of his formative years in both Salem, Illinois and Springfield, Illinois serving as a shopkeeper, a lawyer, a legislator among

other jobs before going on to the White House Illinois has a lot to offer tourists, from anywhere from Chicago, the big city where you can go to museums, go to cultural performances or eat food from all over the world to places like Shawnee National Forest where you can just get away and wander through the beauty of the forest

My personal favorite is Pere Marquette State Park which is located on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, and it's a great place to just wander around and see the beauty of Illinois So if you're ever in the area I highly recommend

you come to visit my home state of Illinois

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