KAT-TUN Worldwide Travel This Beach Never Gets Deep | Loreto Mexico Travel Vlog

This Beach Never Gets Deep | Loreto Mexico Travel Vlog

– Look how far from the shore we are Guess how deep this water is right now

Very, very, very shallow We're headed to Loreto in Mexico Someone recognized us while we were getting on the plane and uh, and they bought us a drink Getting started early – We went to Cuba in June and we watched your videos about five times

I'm gonna tag you when I make my Cuba video – Hi to the family – Cheers – Oh my gosh, are we gonna land on the water right now? This is crazy – We got a rental car and we're ready to go on this adventure

20 second drive from the airport, and we're already in the middle of nowhere Oh my God! Are you serious? This cannot be our room, we got the cheapest little room we could This is our room? – What the? Whoa! – I've been staying up like super late every night pretty much, editing my video course, so my sleeping schedule's so jacked up but, yoooo 230 am

room service Wake up I was trying not to eat, I was trying to just fall asleep before eating but my stomach just kept like growling and I said, "Okay, room service is happening" It feels like a lake, it's very calm, there's no waves I think we came during off season, 'cause there's nobody here, it's like our own private little place And they call this the aquarium of the sea

Makes sense From literally walking through here we saw crabs and all kinds of fish We've been hiking for about two and a half hours so far, we're about 12 miles in, we ran out of water a mile ago, so we're tryna ignore our hotel right there It's so hot, it feels like we've been hiking forever Oh my God, I'm sweating like crazy

It's a beautiful place I think it's a really great place to come and relax I think we're probably one of the younger people here Last night it was just past midnight, and I was like, "Where's the closest place I can get food?" And I was looking on Google and it's like, oh it's about a 40-minute drive to get to the nearest city where I can get food at that time Luckily there was room service in the middle of the night

This spot would be so cool with a drone You guys are gonna have to just deal with this boring, lame, from the ground, tripod hand-held shot I really wish I had that drone right now The very first time I ever heard about Loreto, I heard that you can go to the beach and swim way, way out there, and still be able to touch the bottom We're gonna go find out

I had to bring my own snorkeling mask 'cause these really make a big difference if it actually fits your face They actually make 'em for like Asian faces See I like barely inhale and it sticks nicely Kari was like, "You really have to bring your own thing?" And I was like, "Yeah, I need the Asian face one" There is so much air, I don't think that mask is gonna work for you

It seriously feels like a heated pool The water's perfect, I can literally spend all day in here And the water is not getting deep Let's see how deep you need to go to get past waist height Look how far out we are from shore

This is like an ocean that you just keep walking into This is so awesome It's a pretty quiet town There's not much activity going on surprisingly There's like nobody outside

It's also probably because it's so hot today This is the main street of Loreto It's completely empty, so this is pretty strange It's so good This is the PolarPro FiftyFifty

Hello, doesn't really work with this camera but we're gonna take this GoPro, stick it right in here Let's go see what kinda footage we get I'm letting her do all the work, I'm just chilling Can you go any faster? – Got this clear-bottomed kayak so we could see the fish underneath us That's the ugliest fish I think I've ever seen

Can't tell if he's farting in there or not – Last day here in Loreto, we have to head to the airport in like, 30 minutes Just enjoying the beach one last time before we head out I need to fix my hair huh? I'm on vacation right now guys, I'm not combing my hair, I'm not putting any crap in my hair when I'm on vacation We were here for four nights, I was a little concerned of getting bored after being in a quiet city like this for four nights

But this beach has been so awesome 'Cause most beaches, you wouldn't really go more than like 20, 30 feet away from shore just because it gets too deep too fast and the waves come in, but here we just keep going all the way out there and back The downside of this beach is that it's part of a resort which is the Villa del Palmar which is right over there So you can't just come here, book an AirBnB for a discount and then just come to this beach But there's other resorts that are also kind of in this cove-style situation so you might be able to do a little bit of research and find other resorts that have it

In case you guys wanna come, I'm gonna ask them if there's any deals that you guys can take, but sometimes resorts like this they'll let you come and just do a timeshare presentation They feed you and then they just to sell you the timeshare You don't have to get sucked in Most people say no and they just walk away with the free accommodation If there's any deals going on, I'll put it in the description, so you guys can follow that and get a deal on staying at this place

That's pretty much it for this trip, after this we're just gonna head back, return the rental car which we didn't even really need the rental car So I think if we're gonna do this again, you can just take the shuttle here We took the rental car 'cause we wanted to go explore around and stuff, but there's not too much to explore around here There's no neighboring cities, no local cities to go visit You're kinda like here for the most part, and if you wanna get to the nearest city, it would be Loreto which is about 40 minutes away, but even that's a small city

That was a fun vacation Back to real life now We're gonna end this video here while we're still in the water Because in 30 minutes we gonna be stressed out packing, and then go on to the airport – Go, go, go

So we'll end it here just to make sure that we cut out the less exciting, less peaceful times Okay I lied Just one more shot

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