KAT-TUN Worldwide Travel Florida Travel: Visit Miami’s Little Havana

Florida Travel: Visit Miami’s Little Havana

(upbeat Latin music) – Little Havana is Miami's vibrant Cuban heart with many Latin American's art galleries and authentic restaurants is a must see in Miami (upbeat Latin music) Cuban coffee is meant to be shared

So, Miami has this culture of having these little cups and then we drink coffee at all hours of the day You may be saying, Grace, why before the empanadas? That's how we do here in Miami – [All] Salut – And of course, you can't miss that you have a (speaks in foreign language) stuffed empanada at the oldest restaurant in the area Let's enjoy

(upbeat Latin music) Little Havana Walk of Fame is similar to the one in Hollywood, but here, the stars are given to the Latin American artists, musicians, writers, and actors (upbeat Latin music) Maximo Gomez Park as also known as Dominos Park, Little Havana landmark, meeting spots for older Cubans Here they need to sip on a coffee, talk with their friends, and play some domino, tradition for over 35 years (upbeat Latin music) – Their graffiti has become very prominent in Miami This, actually, in the language of graffiti art, this is called a piece

– [Woman] A piece – A masterpiece, it's short for masterpiece (upbeat Latin music) – We are at the Cigar Factory in Little Havana Here you not only can buy the cigars, but you can watch the real Cubans making real cigar (upbeat Latin music)

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