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Beautify and Travel | Shortest Mountains in Romania

Hello and welcome to Beautifying Life and Creativity! I'm CrisiMi, and we are traveling again We are hiking in the oldest mountain in Romania, and in the entire Europe: Munții Măcinului

”Munții Măcinului” means ”The Eroded Mountains”, and erosion everywhere Now, the highest peak is no more than 460 meters, but, once upon a time, they said that this was 3000 meters high There's a creature in this lands called the Dobrujan Dragon It's not actually a dragon it's the largest snake around It grows up to two and a half meters It's not venomous, but it gained its dragon name because it huffs and it puffs like crazy when cornered Don't trust me? Check the link I put below, in the description, to see for yourself

That's a snakeskin up there He lost his skin There is a legend the locals have: supposedly, when the snake reaches its maximum length, it gets underground and awaits for 700 years buried

Then it gets out with wings and a full shape of a dragon, spitting fire That's one big storm out there! I hope it will take another way, not ours -Hey! That

that is bear poop He just ate fruits -No, there's no bears in here

-God, they are! For sure that is bear poop! He's taking the same trail as us He stays up there on the peak and poops himself up! -More like goat or something -No, really, that is bear poop!!! -That's your phobia!!! -Poop, bear poop!!! *crying* Hey guys, what's up! So, immediately after returning from Măcin Mountains, we clarified the poop issue It seems that Mihai was right all along There are no bears, absolutely no bears in Măcin Mountains -They have not enough woods and trees there

-They were many boars, -Wild boars, yes! -Even though we did not see any -Also, they are dangerous I wouldn't like to encounter one! Still [relieved] no bears there! Hope we can return safely -They're like small motorcycles, which is not good for you! You run really slow

-Big, wild boars! But, we clarified it! And, the biodiversity in Măcin Mountains is so abundant! Yes, incredibly abundant! -For example, we are now in Breaza, which is like 400 meters altitude, as the Măcin Mountains -As the highest peak -But there is no vegetation like here It's like three free vegetation in the Măcin Mountains Here you can see that everything is green

-But here are bears -Yeah! Here bears walk around It's like a big National Road here and it scares them off, but they are passing by sometimes

eating dogs in people's -No! This doesn't happen! -So, Măcin Mountains' bear free This was good to know! -But here are not so many beautiful butterflies -Yeah, we encountered in Măcin so great vegetation All those colors, and butterflies, and insects! And, actually, we understood that there are over 3,000 species of plants, and insects, and birds, and mammals that live there, and some of them are truly unique for Romania, at least And there are also over 70 plants which are rare, and endangered, and protected

And, also, around 37 bird species, endangered and protected there in Măcin Mountains So, it was for the eye such a joy, and such a mixture of colors -And, besides the colorful pastel of the butterflies, they are huge! They look like birds if you are not aware -Some of them are like this, yeah! Like, it can hit you with these wings! We are lucky that bears do not fly! So, I wonder who is older? These babies, or the dinosaurs? Well, according to scientists, these mountains are 400 million years old Yes! They are part of an old, the oldest chain of mountains in Europe, which was crossing Europe from east to the west

And, then, the dinosaurs came And the dinozworm And, then, the dinosaurs came, and they chewed on the mountains

Of course, the wind also did this, and the storms And, then, the mountains got the revenge because: BOOMerang! We all know what happened to the dinosaurs! And the babies here, the mountains of the erosions, they are still here today If you want a high hiking day, well, the Măcin Mountains will not give you that It's quite a medium-low difficulty trail Nevertheless, it's gorgeous and it's a leisure activity, which you can do whenever you want

So, after filming this sequence at the benches we really thought we ended our travel But, no! We walked for another 30 minutes, and apparently it was the wrong way! -The batteries were at the end of their journey -Yes No cameras We couldn't film anymore

-We thought we were over -Shut the fv()< up! -Yeah, it's a train passing by And we returned, unfortunately, -on the wrong way, -yeah, -and we walked for like half an hour -To the end of the road, and then back -Back to the signs with the trail, where we realized that we were only at the halfway of the entire trail, and it was already evening, like 8 o'clock, or something PM

We started very late the trail, -but it was a beautiful scenery, pretty beautiful sky -Yeah! The sunset A little bit of panic, because we didn't really know how to return, because the real trail was continuing over a few other peaks And, then, -the trail was peppered with some romantic mosquitoes which sucked the blood out of us! Even though, they were not wearing capes, or something, like in Transylvania -Vampire mosquitoes

-They were sucking more blood than in Transylvania, I think -Lots of them -Not mine His blood Especially his blood

-It's getting really annoying! So, we decided to take another trail, a bicycle road, which was only one hour, or one hour and a half for us Walking by And and it was beautiful, yes Unfortunately, as he said, no more cameras to film this -And we arrived at our car with half blood in our veins, -and at the nightfall Romantic again Which! Which made us think that we underestimated those beautiful Măcin Mountains

Yes, we thought that they are small, so everything will be fast But, no! They are small mountains -However, they are very long, and a lot of trails to walk on -You do not need to climb, but you need to walk for tens of kilometres -So, if you go to Măcin, you need to take a lot of time to visit everything! -But, we're gonna go back soon

-We necessarily need to go back, because we absolutely adore it! That's it for today! If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up, subscribe to CrisiMi Channel if you haven't, so far, and also, push the bell button to be immediately notified about our newest videos So, now, until next time, I wish you to Beautify Your Life and Your Soul! Bye! We really thought we are at the end of our hiking [loud train horns] [chaos takes over] [RO]: We record again, no? Give it a thumbs up also [dark magic incantation] AGAIN! To be immediately

-no -Again! Also, push the bell button to me immediately [The Dobrujan Dragon attacks] [RO]: Let's go!

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