Why do you like Kamenashi Kazuya?


perhaps bec0z of his ad0rable face..perhaps bec0z he's so hardworking getting all j0b done..perhaps bec0z of how caring he is when he's with other KAT TUN members..perhaps bec0z of his strength and m0tivation..and perhaps bec0z more other reasons..kame_chan, ganbatte neyh! :blingeye:

I love his acting. I love him in dramas.

One of my favorite actors

I prefere him in drama than on stage even if I like his solos a lot^^

I don't like him, I LOVE him. What I love about him, is his voice!

That's one thing, it's so unique, not too high, not too low, I just fall in love with it.

The other thing is the way he laughs, I would love to see and hear him laugh.

And his acting, I loved him in Gokusen 2, and One Pound Gospel, well, practically all of his dramas, were great, because of him.




Kamenashi Kazuya Fight-O!

i love everything in him , he is very good actor ( i liked him in one pond gospel , he is very funny ) he is good in his show , and ilove him in stage when he sing

I just love his voice, it makes my heart beat faster Biggrin

Also his looks!

so my subject sums up everything!

I like everything about KAmenashi KAzuya!

His voice, BODY!, acting skills, humor! EVERYTHING!=))

I love Kame because, he is so cute , so funny, so adorable, so hot  :3

But also because he is a great actor and awesome singer ! 8D

He works really hard in everything that he does, thats really good !

And i LOVE his dance moves ! 8D

Kamenashi-kun incredible man. He's a smart, talented, charming. Hard-working, motivated, charismatic. Handsome, sexy, interesting young man. I love to look at him when he sings, when dancing. He is able to blur the reason his movements and voice. He was so charming smiles ... On it you can talk endlessly and never tell just what you love Japanese youth, Kamenashi Kazuya-kun

:adore: :aha: :peace: :akame: :ehhkawaii: :nosebleed: :fishlips:

i just love his personality, i think hes one of the members that really cares for the rest of them. Hes really hard-working, and you can see that in the making off, and also in the concerts. Hes an incredible actor, i think the best of the rest of the members.

He looks good in everything, even a kimono, and gosh with glasses on! so hot! xD

I can keep on and on... and the list never ends xD

I LOVE HIM because of he's really nice...even when he's not in camera.

I LOVE HIM because he's good at acting...and his dramas and movies are really good

I LOVE HIM because he's hardworking...always focused and does his best at everything


He is a first asian guy that I fall in love.

I love his cuteness , sexy. and when He play baseball he so kakkoi

and this time , I love everything is him.

I love him cause he's so sweet and always working hard. He's such a wonderful person & singer & actor and also very sensitive. And he thinks he's not funny but he really is!! his smile is so warm and comforting and not to mention his amazing body..... *_*

how should i say him i dont think i love him i admire kamenashi a lot his voice his face even though i dont speak japanese well i know i understand him when he sings i liked him more when he was skinnier but he is still himself still funny and sweet sometimes i wonder if he could have become a proffesional baseball player

I love his cutness, his ability to make people laugh in awkward situations. His beautiful voice, the fact that he's able to channel his feelings into his music, he works hard at whatever he does and brings warmth and comfort when he smiles/sings/acts. Not to mention that his body is amazingly sexy. :adore: :biglove: :shy: :akame: :nosebleed:  

I like kamenashi kazuya because he is kamenashi kazuya. I love to watch him in dramas, he's such a great actor. The way he acted, doesn't seem like an acting at all. Love his sweet voice also, not every singer can sing like him. For me he is an adorable, hardworking, friendly, warmth, kind-hearted and honest japanese guy. In addition, the way he dance is awesome too, not to say that other kat-tun member is not good, but he is different. I love his image right, and I wish that he will be in great success in whatever he do, long lived happily ever after. For his coming birthday, I wish i could express my gratitude directly to him. but it's imposibble right?? :blingeye:

He's sexy, he works well, he's been in a lot  of dramas, he sings perfect, acts really cool, and he is awesome,

he sings really good,sweet voice. hes great

He's hot,

he has worked hard to get where he is,

his acting is so convincing it feels like you know the character he's playing inside out,

he's so funny because he's not funny,

he's cute,

his singing sends shivers up my spine and is so beautiful i cry sometimes,

he acts confident even if he doesn't feel it,

he was gifted by the gods and carved by angels ^ ^



i like hime, because he's very kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!

and he's very talented!


i love his songs, dramas, and he's very cool type of guy!!!!!!!!!!

welll where do I start....

I like him because he really works hard for his success and he care alot about KAT-TUN and the fans.

His smile and dorky laugh are too hard to resist....

His acting is suprisingly incredible and better than most of his senpai...

His voice and dancing is unique in his own way...though he maybe don't have the best voice in the group but its different, edgy and nice to listen too. His dancing is pretty, sexy and can make a girl jealous on how he can move like that..

His feature...like his face because its not too handsome (which is a good thing)...but pretty and cute...plus edgy especially his eyebrows, lip, nose, etc.

His body...(omg!!) I think he is not allowed to pose topless because there will be a lot of casualties(myself included)

I have seen his topless pic on KAT-TUN latest calendar...nearly died of nosebleeding

I like his body shape now because it looks more healthy and sexy...

There are lots of thing that I like about him but I guess the best thing about him is he is genuine....real....he is KAMENASHI KAZUYA...


Why do I love him??

Well, that's because he's almost PERFECT!!:phew:


He's handsome, he's got geart eyes, amazing voice, he can cook, and his character is awesome, he's nice and concidering and caring and loving...

Not to mention his astonoshing talent!! He's a fabulous actor an icredeble singer, excellent dancer and a unique song writer!!!

:blingeye:   :wooi:    :flattered:

He's simply PERFECT!! I wonder if I can meet him sometime!!!   :shy:

He looks so cute. He is very friendly and nice guide. He always care his fans's feelings. He always work hard, responsibility for his work and has spirit. I like in everything of Kame-Chan

When he smile or laugh. I like that time so much because he looks very cute more and more. I never meet in his real, but I hope that I will have a chance to make my dream come true.

 kame-chan is very kawaii....> i think girls agree with me>>


                                   ... kawaii kame-chan!!...  







OMG!!!!... kame-chan is very kawaii....when he smiles my nose is bleeding!!! :nosebleed:     


His voice, listening to him just at the right moment; his dancing moves, his smile and laugh that are contagious; his acting skills, serious ones and dummy ones are hillarious! watching him live doing all these crazy hot moves and listening to him live (even though i get to see him just in videos...)his eyes, his gaze, his pics, his jewerly. I love his black nails an that lovely skull ring, suits him. His long hair, i just can't resist it! so long and so forth...i would love to see him live, even once; having done that, i can be at peace, hahaha.

Talented, beautiful, soft and gentle, and a real performer. I love that he is the whole package: a singer, sonwriter, actor, dancer, and a real man. He is beautiful and sometimes effeminate but is very confortable in his masculinity. When a man can sing, dance, act, and do gymnatics (back tucks off platforms and backhandspring with little effort)... he is simply perfect. Who else could be this talented, yet down-to-earth, and so hard working that he only takes 5 days off a years?? No one except Kame!

Why do I 'love' Kame? Simply because he gives the world so much to love, so much of himself, and he inspires everyone to be their best and to do their best at whatever they love to do. Kame is not just another "pretty face" but a man that seizes the moment and inspires me (as a performer) to do my best. I love Kame because he brings out the best in me!

Hearts to you, Kame!!!!


He is sooo inspiring and is such a hard worker and he makes me wanna push as hard as I can in everything that I do.

He has also taught me the concept of not going underweight [because he was anorexic] and has encouraged me to get more active - I have started running and I dancing more now XD

Kame himself is sooo caring and funny and caring and sings amazingly and dances extremely sexily.

Everything about him I love and everything about his is inspiring to me <3

And lets not forget to mention his sexy solo performances and his amazing body, eyes, hair and arms <3 (dies)

uhm..uhm...OH MY so hard question..haha~~kidding..I like his personal appearance, his talent, his attitude esp the attitude of being hard-working and love with his fans/their fans..^_^Love him so much!!

Because he's Kamenashi Kazuya?  
I don't think I should have to say much more.. but I will explain either way. lol.

He is the biggest inspiration ever! He makes me wanna to everything no matter how difficult it seems. And he also makes me believe I really can do anything that I put my mind to. He makes me realize that even though at times things might seem impossible, you just have to stick to it and eventually it'll work out.. And if it dosen't work out then don't give up, but keep trying!

His awesome solos, and their performances! Ah, '1582' and 'Lost my way' are especially great~ And he's such a good dancer and sings so well!

How he act around kids and animals!! Oh, I don't even know what to say! It's just the most adorable thing!

And he is the one person in the world whose laugh can make me happy no matter what! Both his smile and the way he laughs seems so true ♥ How he stomps his feet and claps his hands, or jumping up and down.. hitting the floor or falling down while laughing. Ah.. *dreamy*

I also absolutely adore this one thing he does with his eyebrows.. I can't explain, but it's the prettiest thing ever!! (^_^)

And, duh, he's the sexiest AND cutest man alive! *laughs*

(I could probably keep ranting about this topic FOREVER, but that'd be an incredibly long comment.. so I'll stop here)
Bottom line is:
I totally and utterly adore (LOVE), Kamenashi Kazuya~! 

You just said everything that I think of him ^-^

Especially his crazy but totally adorable clapping attacks XD

It really is just everything about him that is perfect or sexy or cute in some way XD

Kame is... very versatile! There are so many things to like about him besides how he looks- which of course is a big plus. He's very handsome... ... ... he is so hot... ahhh! But anyway, Kame has a great voice. He's a pretty good actor and from what I've seen on shows and interviews, he has a nice personality. Kame is just pure awesomeness and that is why I like LOVE him. Biggrin

I have a hard time putting things into writing but here goes: 1) very very handsome, 2) acts professionally at all times 3) phenominal actor (can play very different and challenging roles 4) fabulous singer 5) very personable 6) very sexy 7) very inspirational Dirol very hard worker  9) wonderful smile - makes you melt etc. etc. etc.   Here is a young man who will go far in his career.   Wishing him the very very best in everything.  He is shining very much now. 

Kazuya...i don't really know where to start....he changed my life so i'm grateful to him and i have so much to thank for that i don't know xD

so, first of all, i'll dwell on his talents. he can do anything! he's so talented and professional, he always does his best at everything. because he CAN! Biggrin

secondly, i don't know his personality that much but from what i could recognize, he's a very nice and kind person, always honest and there for his friends. He always has good things to say about them and always tries to be impartial while talking about them. he always tries to be there for them, whatever happens (mostly).

then he's also a good person to hang out with, as seen in all the videos existing with him on this subject...

he's just perfect XD in every way. he looks like a living wonder and knows it. his striking self-confidence would make anyone feel small xD

Kazuya has so many different sides that it makes me curious every time i see him xD in one video he's very sweet and caring, then in the other he's very serious and straight, then he's well, let's just remember him in the 1582 solo....

he is perfection, any way you see it and recently it seems to me that he's becoming better and better at everything he does, which makes me happy.

he is just so admirable; he never loses his head and stays on the ground, not turning into a stuck-up superstar like most of the other stars do. he's Japanese and that's just how he is; modest, even though he knows he has a lot to show off with Biggrin


we love you, Kazuya

Kame lovers of the world unite! Ah it's nice to know other people are in "love love" with Kame too! I thought I was so weird! There is not one single reason, he's too great!

He is everything I could ever dream of. A multi-talented guy. He sings, dances, acts. In the roles he acts he always take on different challenges. Silly roles like Gospel and Nobuta. Emo roles like Tatta Hitotsu no Koi and Gokusen. Crazy mad roles like Yamato Nadeshiko. WHO DOESNT LOVE HIM?! His singing is also extremely unique and nice, he has a sexy sexy voice, raspy tone. I love one of the old songs Kizuna which was sang for gokusen solo, to KAT-TUN's newly released Going! which he sang as a group. His voice always stands out. He has also a very charming look, which makes you want him to be an older brother or a boyfriend, just someone who can protect you.