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General facts

- Name: Kamenashi Kazuya (亀梨・和也)

He was originally named after a character of the manga "Touch". His mother also wanted to have the "wa" kanji of "heiwa" ("peace") in his name.

Also, because "Kame" means "turtle" in Japanese, he jokingly said his animal analogy is a turtle.

- Occupation: Singer, actor, songwriter, TV host, producer, radio host and model

- Date of birth: February 23, 1986 in Tokyo (Japan)

- Height: approx. 173 cm

- Shoe size: 26.5 cm

- Relatives: parents; 3 brothers (Yuichiro (older brother), Koji (older brother), Yuya (younger brother)); one niece

- Dogs: Ran & Jerry

- Johnny since: November 8, 1998 - present (with the J-One Records label)

- Songwriter name: K², Kamenashi Kazuya

- Part of: KAT-TUN, Shuuji to Akira, Hottake BAND

- Instruments: acoustic guitar

- Favourite Colors: black, white and blue

- Favourite season: Autumn

- Favourite food: squid

- Disliked food: pepper, tomatoes, raisins, & pickled plums


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Filmography - Dramas & Movies:


Second Love (2015) >> Taira Kei

Tokyo Bandwagon ~ Shitamachi daikazoku Monogatari (2013) >> Hotta Ao

Dragon Seinendan (2012) >> Nazo no Sousai (guest appearance - episode 9)

3-nen B-gumi Kinpachi Sensei Final SP (2011) >> Fukagawa Akihiko (guest appearance)

Youkai Ningen Bem (2011) >> Bem

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (2010) >> Takano Kyohei

MR. BRAIN (2009) >> Dr. Wakui Masakazu (guest appearance - episode 3)

Kami no Shizuku (2009)>> Kanzaki Shizuku

1 Pondo no Fukuin/One Pound Gospel (2008) >> Hatanaka Kousaku

Tokkyu Tanaka San Go (2007) >> Shibahara Toru (guest appearance - episode 9)

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (2006) >> Kanzaki Hiroto

Kuitan SP - Final episode (2006) >> cameo appearance

Yuuki (24h Television Special) (2006) >> Yuuki

Sapuri/Suppli (2006) >> Ishida Yuya

Nobuta wo Produce (2005) >> Kiritani Shuji

Kindaichi Shounen no Jinkenbo~ Kyuuketsuki Densetsu Satsujin Jiken (2005) >> Kindaichi Hajime

Gokusen 2 (2005) >> Odagiri Ryu

3 nen B gumi Kinpachi-sensei 5 (1999) >> Fukugawa Akihito (class 3D)


JOKER GAME (2015) >> Katou Jiro

Vancouver no Asahi | バンクーバーの朝日 (2014) >> Naganishi Ryo

Ore Ore (2013) >> Nagano Hitoshi (and other characters)

Youkai Ningen Bem (The Movie) (2012) >> Bem

Gokusen The Movie (2009) >> Odagiri Ryu

Filmography - Stageshows:

Apart from the KAT-TUN concerts, these are the stageshows Kamenashi has been featured in:

DreamBoys (2009) >> lead role

DreamBoys (2008) >> lead role

DreamBoys (2007) >> lead role

DreamBoys (2006) >> lead role

Hey!Say!DreamBoy (2005) >> lead role

DREAMBOY (2004) >> lead role (after taking over Takizawa Hideaki's starring role)

DREAMBOY (2004) >> supporting role

SHOCK is Real Shock (2003) >> supporting role

SHOCK (2002) >> supporting role

SHOCK (2001) >> supporting role

Filmography - Commercials

RAIZIN Energy drink (2015)
Sours Gummies (2013)
Entag! (2012)
Kirin Gogo no Kocha Tea (2012)

Suzuki Solio (2011)
Panasonic Lamdash Shaver (2010)
Panasonic Doltz Toothbrush (2010)
Aoki 3D Slim Suit (2010)

NTT DoCoMo (2007)
Zio Eye Drops (2007)

SKY PerfecTV! (2006)
NTT DoCoMo Mobile Suica (2006)
Rohto Zi (2006)

Nintendo Gamecube's Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix (with Akanishi Jin) (2005)
Oronamin C (with Akanishi Jin & Ueto Aya) (2005)
NTT DoCoMo FOMA 902i (2005)
The Television (2005)
Lotte Gum (2005)
Crunky Chocolate (2005)

Radio Show "Kase by Kasu"


8th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix: Best Supporting Actor for Gokusen 2.
44th Television Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for Gokusen 2.
47th Television Academy Awards: Best Actor for Nobuta wo Produce.
23rd Best Jeanist Award: Best Male Jeanist.
1st Annual 2006 NTV Commercial Award.
1st Astar TV Drama Awards: Best New Asian Star of 2007 for Japan.
24th Best Jeanist Award: Best Male Jeanist.
12th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Jan-Mar 2009): Best Actor for Kami no Shizuku.
13th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Jan-Mar 2010): Best Actor for Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.
January-March 2010 TV Navi Drama Awards (2010): Best Actor for Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.
13th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix: Best Actor for Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.
15th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Oct-Dec 2011): Best Actor for Youkai Ningen Bem.
71st Television Drama Academy Awards (2011): Best Actor for Youkai Ningen Bem.
15th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix: Best Actor for Youkai Ningen.

(credit to: http://kame-world.livejournal.com)



- Kame has his left ear pierced.

- Besides baseball, he also likes snooker, bowling, camping, surfing, basketball and swimming.

- He likes to be alone for some time and cannot be with the same person 24 hours a day for too many days at a time.

- He is very determined and likes to try his best in everything that he does.

- The has blood-type B (just like most Japanese).

- Skill he would like to have: the skill to memorize. Once, during an interview for E-Pop (November issue), he said: "Many times, I use my arms more than my brain."


- Kame seems to have a good relationship with his family.
When he was younger, he and his father often went to watch baseball games together, or they went to play together.

- Kame sometimes babysits his niece, something he loves to do.
According to Kamenashi, he has become more and more skillful at calming her down when she cries, using gentle kisses.

- Kamenashi's mother used to wake him up in the morning and cook him "wonderful meals". Kame, in turn, helped her around the house and went shopping for her.

- When he was younger, his mother used to massage his legs after rehearsals when he came home, because otherwise he would get leg cramps at night.

- During baseball games among brothers, he affectionately calls Yuya, his little brother, "little punk" because he's better at baseball than he is.

Johnny's Entertainment

- Auditioned for Johnny's Junior on November 8, 1998 together with Nakamaru Yuichi and Akanishi Jin.

- His first Johnny's Jr. concert was "Johnny's Jr. Fresh Spring Concert '99" in May 1999.


"When I threw away my baseball gloves after losing a competition once. my father said to me: "You have to learn to treasure and appreciate the things/people that you think are important." (E-Pop, November 2005)

- He has represented Japan in the Junior leagues.

- Childhood ambition: Becoming a professional baseball player

- The person who got him into liking baseball was the owner of a shop near where he lived.

- Kamenashi is known for his exceptional baseball skills, which earned him victories in many friendly games, and even against professional baseball teams like the Hanshin Tigers.

Shuji to Akira

During late 2005, Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa (member of NEWS) both starred in the hit series "Nobuta wo Produce". As extra promotion, both of them formed the temporary unit "Shuji to Akira" ("Shuji and Akira"), the names of their fictional characters in the drama.

Their single became the no. 1 best selling single on the Oricon Yearly Single Rankings in 2005, although the single had only been released in November, two months before the ranking.


"Women are my weakness - I just can't talk to them."

- The flavour of the first valentine chocolates he received: strawberry

- When he was younger, he was very unconfident with women and found it quite difficult to talk to them.

- When he was younger, he described his favorite type of girl as: "boyish", older than him, slim, physically fit, smells nice, has common sense, is understanding to men's feelings, and has an a

ir of "purity and innocence".

Nowadays, he offers us a more diplomatic response and claims he doesn't have a particular favorite type of person, but he'll just like the person he comes to like.
When interviewers do persist on getting to know his preferred type, he often says he wants a girl as optimistic and strong-willed as he is, with a pure spirit and a clever mind.

- In the May 2005 issue of Myojo, Kame said the eyes are the most important feature of a person, and that he could fall in love with someone if they had a nice scent.

- In the October 2005 issue of Myojo, Kame replied this to "What do you have to offer the person you like?": I will heal her physically and emotionally and we will have an exciting relationship. We can bathe together and I will trim the person's eyebrows. (!?)

- Although he says he feels intimidated by women, he insists that he would not hesitate to take hold of his girlfriend's hand if she was too shy to hold his.

"It's my ideal to be in love with my partner for a long time and then marry her." (Wink Up - September 2004)

Akanishi Jin

Ah yes, the infamous "Akame" pairing...

Besides the obvious fact that Akanishi is a colleague of Kamenashi... [under construction]

Yarakashi [under construction]

Yarakashi fans are "fans" who are disruptive and do not follow the rules issued by Johnny's Entertainment.

During KAT-TUN's "Real Face" concert tour in Osaka and Tokyo, Kamenashi became the target of the yarakashi for unknown reasons.

The following are a few examples of what they wrote on their uchiwas, directed towards Kame: "Kame, go and die", "Disgusting", "Shup up" etc.

One day, at the beginning of Kame's MC, a certain "fan" suddenly screamed "Kamenashi, shut up!". Kame became speechless for awhile, and according to various fan reports, he looked as if he was on the verge of tears as a close-up of his face was shown on the big screens.

A few fans also reported that Kame's eyes seemed to be puffy and red the next day(s), as if he had been crying a lot.

Kame, usually the main spokesman during KAT-TUN's MC part, stayed quiet and didn't smile or put on a fake smile instead.
So Maru and Koki took over Kame's role and entertained the people during the MC instead. And even though Jin's voice was already strained from singing, he kept shouting to cover up for Kame's quietness.

But even so, the MC was shortened from the usual 40min to barely 15min.

During one of KAT-TUN's concerts in Osaka, Jin shouted, "Yarakashi, shut up!"

After the "Kamenashi, shut up!" incident, Kame mentioned that his friends has called him to console him, but that he still felt really sad and would go to bed early (something he apparently does when he's feeling sad).
He also seemed quite nervous during the next MC's (he also kept looking at the other members) and would immediately start apologizing when he accidentally did or said something wrong.

On April 8, yarakashi were again aiming at Kamenashi, holding up uchiwa's like "Go and die Kame!".
When Jin and Kame both sang the wrong lyrics during "Real Face" and Koki asked why, Jin replied: "Today, I'm on Kame's side."
Nevertheless, the MC only lasted for 10min, with Jin sighing, "Let's just sing."


Apart from his supposed relationship with Koizumi Kyoko, Kamenashi has been the center of other scandals, including:

- Underage drinking scandal resulted in JE sueing the magazine.

Koizumi Kyoko

In early May of 2006, Kamenashi was involved in a minor scandal when tabloid magazine "Friday" (known for its untrue? rumors) published an article claiming Kamenashi and Koizumi were dating.

Koizumi Kyoko, born on February 4, 1966 and thus 20 years his senior, is a former idol (currently an established actress) and got divorced from actor Nagase Masatoshi a few years ago. 
(For more information about Koizumi, please consult Wikipedia)

Johnny's Entertainment denied the claims and Kamenashi officially

apologized, but Koizumi's agency kept silent neither denied nor confirmed the rumor.
But although Johnny's Entertainment officially denied their presumed relationship, journalists tend to dig up this story every so often in numerous magazines.

So was the affair true after all? No one can tell for sure. Some say they may have had a relationship for real, others say it's been completely made up for promotional purposes, a.k.a to keep people talking about Kamenashi as well as Koizumi.
Fact is that the rumors tend to pop up each time KAT-TUN has a new release, or whenever Koizumi stars in a new drama or movie. But then again, Kamenashi has always claimed to prefer "older" women, so who knows..?

Random facts

- He doesn't like tomatoes, green pepper, raisins, and anything with seeds.

- Kame was voted the best daddy (of the Juniors) by the fans for five years in a row.

- He is scared of vampires and heights.
Nevertheless, he still forces himself to do air acrobatics during the annual DreamBoys shows.

- One of his favourite colognes is "Burberry". (I can't remember which one, though)

- One of his favorite school subjects was English.

- He loves England, Spain and Italy.

- He didn't finish high school (he left when he was 15 years old to concentrate on his Johnny's Junior career.)

- He used to get nosebleeds frequently, but this has improved as he grew older.

- His favorite colors are black, blue and white.

- Some of his favorite food: squid, rice, steak, fugu (blowfish) and bananas

- During his days off, he likes to go shopping, going to restaurants or spending time at home.

- Scariest thing on earth: betrayal

- During a fire, he will probably try to save a photo album

- During fourth grade, he played alto french horn (he played in his school's wind orchestra)

- He has been offically exclaimed "best impersonator" of KAT-TUN, for his sketches of Donald Duck, his dog, the frog from Spirited Away, etc.


"Italian is a cool and simple language."

"I want to try making love to a 30-year-old woman." (!?)

"I always dream that I'm being chased around. In my dream I become a primary school student and on my way to school, I get chased by a group of girls. I guess maybe it's because of my work, always having to meet the deadline." (Wink Up - April 2007)

"I think I want to live in this world for the rest of my life." (Wink Up - September 2004)



Biography written by Nika.
Also a big thank you to everyone who helped make this biography as complete as possible: http://fanatic.digital-dreamer.net/kame/index.php?facts,